Twitter for business

Twitter for business

3 Ways To Use Twitter for Business

Twitter is an amazingly simple and efficient way to get a message across. However, it may not be immediately apparent that Twitter can also be used for more than simple status updates. As you know, you can use Twitter for business. But how exactly do you use it to increase sales and spread their marketing messages? Below, you will find how you can use twitter for business all without spending a dime on traditional advertising.

  • Build Your Brand

If you own a business, you can easily use Twitter for business to build your brand awareness. With Twitter’s handy search function, you can find people who are talking about topics related to your niche, and connect with them. Once you find a list of Tweeters, you can reply to them with targeted messages promoting your product or service. The result is that you gain targeted followers, who  are interested in your product or service and are now aware of your brand. This process, of course can be automated with Twitter Marketing Software such as TweetBoss.

  • Promoting Your Product

You can set up one more more twitter accounts with the specific purpose of promoting your brand. First, write out a list of tweets: Two thirds should be informative, the other third should promote your product . Next, sparingly mention influencers in your niche who may find your content interesting. This will get your product/services retweeted by the influencers then both your brand and your sales grows. Again, automating this process with twitter marketing software such as TweetBoss, makes this easier.

  • Promoting Someone Else’s Product – Affiliate Sales

Twitter is also a perfect medium for gaining sales through Affiliate Marketing. Promoting products for others in exchange for a commission is a great way to earn lots of money if you don’t have a product of your own. For example, Amazon has a great Affiliate program. You could also promote products from Clickbank or Commission Junction. Many independent vendors also have affiliate programs that off higher than average commissions. For example, we at TweetBoss have an affiliate program, in which we share 50% of each sale with our affiliates and our top affiliates make well over $1000 per month promoting TweetBoss.