hustle to survive


Hustle to Survive

Those who have had to struggle in life generally make excellent, successful business owners. Do you wonder why that is? When you’ve struggled in life, you learn a lot about who you are, and what you’re made of. These life lessons translate exceptionally well to business.

Those who have experienced struggle know how to hustle. They have a sense of urgency in everything they do. One business owner put it this way: “I think of my success as if there is always someone waiting to take it away from me.”

When you know how to hustle, enough is never, well, enough. There is a desire for more – not from a selfish perspective, but because you never know when what you have will be unexpectedly gone. To ensure that never happens, you always strive for much more than you have. This perpetuates the extreme success that most individuals who know how to hustle will experience.

So can you experience this same level of success if you haven’t truly struggled in life? Of course you can!

The key is in not settling for enough. They key is in always realizing that your success could be gone in an instant – and with it, everything you’ve worked for. When you internalize that, you realize that you can’t ever become complacent – and therein lies the hustle mentality.

Learning how to focus properly will enable you to work more efficiently and take actions that lead directly to your goal. Learning how to change direction quickly will help your business as your goals change due to things you can’t control. Learning how to prioritize will allow you to utilize your focus and direction- changing the ability to your business’s advantage. All of these make up the hustling mentality.

In business, it can be difficult to keep your eye on the prize sometimes. And this is where those who know how to hustle really excel. The prize is always in front of them, always present in their mind, always just beyond their reach. And they like it that way. It’s what keeps them going. Re-creating that mentality for yourself is a solid way to keep the success rolling in your direction.

Give yourself time in your business to develop a hustle mindset. Follow those mentors around you who clearly have this mindset and use it to their advantage. And never, ever settle for mediocre. Learn to hustle, be a survivor, and watch your business grow!

Use Cross promotion for Strategic marketing


No doubt, you’ve noticed that on the back of your grocery store receipt, you will find a number of businesses that are advertising in this space. This is a good example of cross promotions. Even larger companies, with huge marketing budgets, will take advantage of opportunities to be involved in lower cost cross promotions. These cross promotion campaigns are effective in reaching customers. Here’s why.

First, a word about cross promotions, and what they are. A cross promotion is when two or more companies make use of each other’s materials or marketing promotions on the same ad piece, like the receipt example mentioned above. Obviously, the grocery store customer had to have a receipt for their purchase of groceries, and so the advertising company—maybe Planet Fitness, for example—used the valuable “real estate” space on the back of the receipt. Planet Fitness has the advantage of having a ready-made means of free or virtually free distribution of their promotional materials, as well as increased reach for their brand. The grocery store has the advantage of receiving advertising revenue from Planet Fitness.

Now that you know what cross promotions look like, you can most likely recall a number of cross promotions that you have seen recently; they are everywhere. From huge companies to small mom-and-pop businesses, and everything in between; all types of companies use cross-promotions because they have historically been very effective. Cross promotions work, plain and simple.

Part of why cross promotions work so well is because they are cost effective. They save you money. Because distribution is free or very low cost, as mentioned earlier, this takes care of the most expensive component of advertising. Now, the costly process of getting your message into the hands of those that may potentially act on it — has been taken care of.

Another reason why cross promotions are so great is because they are efficient. There is very little waste with a cross promotion since the item carrying the message is valuable to the holder in more than one way. Further, they are efficient because you can control who does or does not receive your materials; you have greater control using this method than you do in most any other means of marketing.

Several great arguments for using cross promotions have already been mentioned. There are others, such as the fact that they can build trust; remember, someone is willing to have their name and their brand paired with yours. Another reason to use cross-promotions is that you are giving your potential customers real value since your ad is highly targeted. Also, cross promotions can be just plain fun; you receive an item for one purpose, only to discover it has value to you in yet a second (or third or fourth) way. Hopefully, you’ve found at least one or two of these reasons to be convincing enough to use cross-promotions in your own campaigns. So, how do you plan to approach another business for a cross-promotion?




4 Tips for Creating Winning Facebook Ads

4 Tips forCreating Winning Facebook Ads

No matter where you look for advertising opportunities, Facebook is ranking in at number one. Why? Well, it’s more efficient and the potential just keeps increasing by the day. Most advertisers take full advantage of using the platform to reach millions of active users on a regular basis, to grow their businesses and increase sales.

Think about it this way, it takes a person an average of seven times to view an ad before taking action. And recent studies show that when an audience is frequently seeing an ad for just three seconds several times a day, there’s a good chance of that ad grabbing their attention to the point where they actually click on it. The frequency in seeing ads pop up is of course
based on certain factors such as demographics and bidding, but overall the potential is there.

So, the question is: How do you get in front of your audience with a winning campaign? Truth is, you have the opportunity to get even the smallest piece of the pie no matter what niche or industry you’re in. You might think the market is saturated when it comes to your competition, but the more the merrier. What grabs people and gets them interested is far more important than anything else with ad campaigns.

Here are some ideas for getting noticed and winning with Facebook advertising.
1. Lean into your market. Facebook is global, no question about it. And even though your potential reach is huge, you can’t be everything to everybody. If you take a look at some demographics
such as ethnicity, age, sex, gender, and location, you’d have a ton of work on your plate if you tried to serve all of these people. We’re talking millions of people here. Breaking this down so that you are targeting the right people, is the key to having success with advertising.

2. Have a solid objective. You have to make a decision about what you’ll be paying for. Is it brand awareness? Is it website traffic? Is it page likes? Have your goal in mind before creating the ad so you know what your budget will be used for. Create multiple ads if you need to do some testing. Target different pages that are in the same or similar niche as you to reach that audience The possibilities are endless. Sometimes people don’t know they need what you have to offer until they see it. Make your ads enticing and interesting enough for people to click!

3. Keep tracking your progress. You don’t want to waste your advertising dollars. Track your ads’ progress or lack thereof by checking in on them daily. You don’t have to watch them like a hawk, but make sure you’re getting some kind of engagement. If you’re not getting any action takers, you might want to think about tweaking your ads minimally. It doesn’t hurt to change a word or two and see if that helps. Give yourself some time. Two or three days of an ad not working for you is enough to make some changes or kill the ad altogether.

4. Stand out from the norm. With tons of ads rolling through your feed every day, you know how competitive it can be. There are a lot of advertisers in the same niche, so it’s bound to happen. The good news is, it’s ok. There’s enough room for everyone, but everyone won’t stand out. Use this to your advantage. Look at what your competition is doing and figure out how you can do something different. The more original you are, the better. Your goal is to be noticed and visible in the eyes of your target market. Do what it takes to make a difference.

As you can see, there are many things to consider in advertising on a platform such as Facebook. Hopefully, these tips were helpful in guiding you on how to advertise with a winning campaign.
Remember, the most important thing you can do to make your amazing offer shine is to make it noticeable and attractive to your audience.

Building a List through Retention

Building a List through Retention

When it comes to list building effectively, you should broaden your thinking. Instead of thinking, “I need to find many, many subscribers,” consider whether focusing on “net subscribers” might constitute the best use of your time. That is, think about the number of subscribers you’re gaining minus the number of subscribers you’re losing, and try to maximize that number. Now, you might think, “that sounds great, but what can I do with the concept?” Well, you can start by changing your thinking. If your list is losing dozens of subscribers each week, think more about retaining them, rather than stuffing more of them onto your list. That is, find out why they’re dropping off of your list, and implement strategies to prevent that from happening. Here are a few things I suggest you try:


1. Administer an incentivized survey to people who are leaving your list. Try to find out why they joined, why they’re leaving, and what could possibly change their minds. Additionally, offer them a gift or perhaps $5 for taking the survey. The information you collect from their answers will be well worth the expense.


2. Offer them incentives to stay. After they hit the “unsubscribe” link, have it send them to a page where they are begged to stay and offered various products or services for free. Make sure you also include on this page an option to unsubscribe if they are not deterred.


3. Improve the quality of your content. Instead of trying to retain people who are on their way out, try to prevent people from exiting altogether. You can do this by making continuous attempts to improve your content. Incorporate interviews with experts, links to audio content, links to video content, ebooks, and reports.


So where can you go from here? Start by making some changes to your list content. Improve your content, make it more enjoyable to read, and fill it with higher-value items. After you do that, find out why people are leaving and offer them incentives to stay. If you follow these steps, you should experience a nice bump in your net subscriptions. And you’ll do it all without having to generate more traffic.