Align Yourself With The Best People, Be a Leader in Your Niche, Pt. 2

When you’re a real leader, you’re never running solo the entire time you spend growing an online business. The top marketers understand that you work individually, but you stay connected with a team of like-minded leaders on the ‘net.


Don’t be afraid of your competition – embrace them. They can be guest bloggers or invite you to guest blog on their site, they can co-create products with you, and they can cross-promote you whenever you sign up as an affiliate to promote one of their products.


Don’t just look to people who are bigger in status than you are, either. You want to keep an eye out for rising stars in your niche and help make them well-known, too.


It’s not just competitors who you should align yourself with, either. It’s anyone whose products or services are related to your niche in some way. Let’s go through an example.


Suppose you run a wellness blog that teaches people how to embrace a healthy lifestyle through nutrition. You want people to adopt lifelong eating habits that improve their lives.


You can certainly promote other leaders in the wellness niche – like someone specializing in juicing, for example – but you also want to connect with someone whose information is relevant, if not directly identical.


An exercise and fitness leader would be a good example of this. People learning about proper nutrition often want the whole body approach, which means moving your body and getting fit.


You also might want to align with:


  • A parenting leader so you can help their audience learn about good nutrition for growing kids.
  • An aging leader so you can teach good nutrition for senior citizens.
  • A job success leader so you can offer information about staying alert and energetic during a long workday.


There are endless possibilities for someone if you think about the target audience who needs what you teach and then consider who else they might be learning from. Here are some more examples:


  • A smoking cessation leader so you can help smokers quit their habit without gaining a lot of weight.
  • An Amazon affiliate who runs a site about desserts so you can provide information on healthier dessert options.
  • A skincare leader so you can teach proper nutrition that helps your skin maintain its youth and appeal.


Make a list and then make it a point to reach out to those other leaders and form a bond with them so that you can help each other out as you both grow your online business.


Stay tuned for our final installment in this series, coming next week.

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