When you first started marketing online, did you have dreams of waking up in your pajamas, setting up a little bit of content that you carefully crafted with just the right keyword density – and then watching the money roll in?


Well, it may have worked that way once upon a time, but thanks to automated tools and scummy spammers, search engines cracked down on that minimalist work strategy, and now you have to go to a little bit more effort.


You might be nervous about being a leader in your niche. You might have these common feelings:


  • Who would want to listen to me?
  • I don’t have anything unique to say.
  • I’m nobody, and there are already leaders in this niche.


These feelings are normal, but they’re not accurate. Be honest. How would you like it – as a consumer – if you only had one choice for a restaurant, a salon, a clothing line, a music style, a grocery store, etc.?


You probably wouldn’t like it much, right? It’s the same way with leaders in a niche. Consumers connect with leaders in different ways. Some people might love sarcastic, hard-selling individuals – and you can’t fathom why – because you prefer sweet, motivating people.


Everyone’s different. And whatever you have to offer, it’s going to have an audience for it – your style, your voice, your message – it’s unique to everyone else even if you’re talking about the same niche topic.


You don’t have to be an expert already. People love following along with someone on their journey from start to finish – so share where you’re at and work from there.


There are several ways you can position yourself as a leader – in a way that’s comfortable to you. It doesn’t mean you have to get out there and brag about how wonderful you are – it means you do the right thing and your audience automatically lifts you up to authority status.


Be a Researcher and a Sharer


No matter what niche you’re in, there’s news that needs to be shared. There are new:


  • Breakthroughs
  • Trends
  • Strategies
  • Products
  • People


You want to share all of that with your target audience. Yes, even share who your competitors are! We’ll get more into that in future posts. If you’re in the anti-aging niche, for example, you might share a medical breakthrough that helps plump up crow’s feet.


Maybe you’ll see a news story about how women are flocking to plastic surgeons to get rid of their “Madonna Mitts” – which is what the industry termed her aging hands.


You can share things like which anti-aging treatments people can do at home that you’ve tried and feel work best. Stay abreast of top manufacturers’ or sellers’ product releases and then talk to your audience about it.


Your blog or your email subscriber list will be the place where your subscriber feels they can go to gather all of the information they want. They don’t want to have to go all over the Internet and buy a bunch of different products to see what works best – that’s what they’ll love you for!


Whenever you blog about something with a cutting edge slant to it, you increase your worth in the niche. Your readers will bookmark and share your site with others; they’ll trust your recommendations whenever you want to promote something, too.


The lazy (unsuccessful) marketer does nothing but looks at keyword volume, outsource their content to ghostwriters without injecting any of their personality, and copycats the real leaders who are out there working for their audience the way they should be.

Our next post will cover how you can align yourself with the best people.

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Top Five Ways to Be the Best Service Provider You Can Be