set and reach your twitter targets


Getting noticed online is only possible if viewers are clear on what they are viewing. Putting up ambiguous posts on Twitter will not help to ensure your target audience nor will it ensure a successful presence on social media.


Some Tips


Here are some points to consider in ensuring your posts on Twitter are clear and understood:

  • Deciding and designing the material to be published must follow one theme. When the content posted does not correspond with promotional tone then it can be rather confusing. Therefore, the theme should be decided even before the actual designing of the posting is started.


  • Understanding what the desired end goal is, contributes to the tools and formats that will eventually be utilized. When your goal is clearly identified, then you’ll feel confident in choosing the correct tools to get that content out to your public.


  • Besides posting content, it is also important to provide information on the actual supporting freebies, promos, possible back links, and any other content that would function as an advantage to the visitor to your site.


  • Your Twitter posts should also be very clear in the actual visual presentation style so that the viewer will immediately be able to identify with the content without having to resort to multiple clicks and long winded reading material.

Besides doing all the above using Twitter to get the posts to the target audience is also something that you should give serious consideration.

Your promotional plan and strategies should comfortably merge into the same theme. This should, in turn, have the overall focus of your primary goal, which is to increase your social media profile to increase your audience and then, eventually, your customer base.




5 Twitter Success Tips You May Not Know

Let’s keep this short and sweet. Just like our favorite social media platform, sometimes less is more. Today I will share some top tips for Twitter success.

- Shorter is better – did you know that you can increase engagement by keeping your tweet under 140 characters? It’s true.

- Engage with people and businesses you follow – see something funny or insightful on your feed? Even if it has nothing to do with your business, engage! Let people know there is a real person behind the brand.
- First things first – the first hashtag you list is the most important. And keep those hashtags to 3 and under!
- Work on the weekends – Does your Twitter feed die on the weekend? That’s unfortunate, because that’s when your potential customers are really paying attention.
- Have a question? Tweet it! – Post a question and watch your engagement blow up! Remember, Twitter is a social media platform, so allow your followers to be social with you.


Of course handling your Twitter feed and followers is easy once you have the right automation software. Tweetboss is the best way to take the worry and strain out of keeping in contact with your customers.

What are your sure-fire Twitter success tips? Drop them in the comments below!

Influencer Marketing on TwitterReaching Top Influencers on Twitter
Influencer Marketing on Twitter

Influencer Marketing Infographic

Back in high school there were the popular kids. Maybe they worn the coolest designer clothes. Maybe they threw the coolest parties. What made them popular isn’t our concern. What is our concern is what their popularity meant. Or rather, what popularity means, in general. Today, we would call the popular crowd “influencers”, and we can still find them. They are the ones with huge followings on social media. Whatever they tweet is retweeted 1000 times. What makes them popular, or anyone popular for that matter is that when they speak, others listen. Anyone looking to be popular themselves, that is, possessing a voice that gets heard, needs to connect with the influencers.

Luckily this is fairly easy. Influencer Marketing isn’t as hard as it sounds. Below you will find a useful infographic explaining the process of influencer marketing on twitter.Influencer Marketing


6 Twitter Marketing Tips for Businesses
Twitter Marketing Tips

Used correctly, Twitter can be a goldmine for generating leads, traffic and sales. In this post we count down the top 6 twitter marketing tips businesses can use to use twitter to its full potential.

Twitter marketing tips

#1  Tweet summaries, not headlines

Often, when businesses tweet blog posts or other content they default to the easy (read: lazy) option: Simply tweeting out the blog post title. This can often seem like the most sensible option, especially considering twitter’s character limitations. However, if actually getting people to click on your link is your goal stay away from the easy choice. Rather than simply posting the blog title with a link, briefly summarize the blog post in a way that will grab your follower’s attention.

Twitter marketing tips

#2 Use Images in Tweets

Twitter is a great tool for short text messages, but if all you are tweeting out is text you are missing out on twitter’s full potential. Tweets that include images are known to increase follower engagement, so why not include images to your tweets? Not a graphic designer? No worries, you can create really high quality custom images with Canva’s free graphic design tool. Its a great and easy to use tool for the design challenged.

Twitter marketing tips

#3 Utilize Twitter’s Search function

Your business lives on reaching the right people (your target market). What if I told you that you could find all the people that are actively expressing interest in what you offer? Well, with Twitter’s search function you can. You see, the thing is, people tweet all sorts of things, and often those things are directly related to your business. Say, for example, you offer hair care products. You could use Twitter’s built in search feature to find all people who have mentioned that they were “looking for a new conditioner”. Don’t believe me, try it out. After finding these twitter users, you can follow them, and tactfully mention your offer. It’s really that simple.

Twitter marketing tips

#4 Automate repetitive tasks

Searching and Tweeting all day can be time consuming. However, you can automate both with a tool like TweetBoss. Using marketing automation tools such as TweetBoss, not only free’s up your time, it saves you money. Rather than paying for expensive social media ads, you can reach customers for less than you’re probably paying for ads per week.

Twitter marketing tips

#5 Follow bloggers and press members

Just launched a new product or service? Got a cool event coming up? Wouldn’t be great if you could tap into the networks of people with large followings? Well, you can. Just make it a habit to follow the bloggers and members of the press that produce the content you read (and that is related to your industry). Generally, journalists and bloggers include their twitter handle in the articles they produce, so it is pretty easy to connect with them directly. Once you build a rapport with your favorite bloggers/journalists, you will be in a good position to ask them to cover your business/product or service.

Twitter marketing tips

#6 Connect with industry leaders

Not only should you be connecting with bloggers and journalists, you should also be connecting with other people within your niche. Connecting with the most influential members within your niche opens up a wide range of potential benefits. Some of those benefits can be: getting your content shared to their followers, forming new partnerships, and more. But remember, relationships with influencers should be reciprocal. So, before you ask an influencer to help you out, be sure to ask how you can help them first.

Twitter for business

Twitter for business

3 Ways To Use Twitter for Business

Twitter is an amazingly simple and efficient way to get a message across. However, it may not be immediately apparent that Twitter can also be used for more than simple status updates. As you know, you can use Twitter for business. But how exactly do you use it to increase sales and spread their marketing messages? Below, you will find how you can use twitter for business all without spending a dime on traditional advertising.

  • Build Your Brand

If you own a business, you can easily use Twitter for business to build your brand awareness. With Twitter’s handy search function, you can find people who are talking about topics related to your niche, and connect with them. Once you find a list of Tweeters, you can reply to them with targeted messages promoting your product or service. The result is that you gain targeted followers, who  are interested in your product or service and are now aware of your brand. This process, of course can be automated with Twitter Marketing Software such as TweetBoss.

  • Promoting Your Product

You can set up one more more twitter accounts with the specific purpose of promoting your brand. First, write out a list of tweets: Two thirds should be informative, the other third should promote your product . Next, sparingly mention influencers in your niche who may find your content interesting. This will get your product/services retweeted by the influencers then both your brand and your sales grows. Again, automating this process with twitter marketing software such as TweetBoss, makes this easier.

  • Promoting Someone Else’s Product – Affiliate Sales

Twitter is also a perfect medium for gaining sales through Affiliate Marketing. Promoting products for others in exchange for a commission is a great way to earn lots of money if you don’t have a product of your own. For example, Amazon has a great Affiliate program. You could also promote products from Clickbank or Commission Junction. Many independent vendors also have affiliate programs that off higher than average commissions. For example, we at TweetBoss have an affiliate program, in which we share 50% of each sale with our affiliates and our top affiliates make well over $1000 per month promoting TweetBoss.