Influencer Marketing on Twitter [infographic]

Influencer Marketing on TwitterReaching Top Influencers on Twitter
Influencer Marketing on Twitter

Influencer Marketing Infographic

Back in high school there were the popular kids. Maybe they worn the coolest designer clothes. Maybe they threw the coolest parties. What made them popular isn’t our concern. What is our concern is what their popularity meant.¬†Or rather, what popularity means, in general. Today, we would call the popular crowd “influencers”, and we can still find them. They are the ones with huge followings on social media. Whatever they tweet is retweeted 1000 times. What makes them popular, or anyone popular for that matter is that when they speak, others listen. Anyone looking to be popular themselves, that is, possessing a voice that gets heard, needs to connect with the influencers.

Luckily this is fairly easy. Influencer Marketing isn’t as hard as it sounds.¬†Below you will find a useful infographic explaining the process of influencer marketing on twitter.Influencer Marketing

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