Top Ten Mobile Marketing Tips

Top 10 mobile marketing tips


Top Ten Mobile Marketing Tips


  1. Everything that can be done on your website needs to be available on mobile.
  1. For mobile marketing, keep your messages short and to the point. Screen space is sparse.
  1. Don’t overlook email. Most people are checking email on mobile devices so consider how your customers are reading them before you format them.
  1. Remember: Social marketing is mobile marketing.
  1. Discover a problem your audience has that can be solved with a simple mobile app. Then you’ll always be with your customers.
  1. Incorporate mobile into your live events using a texting service like
  1. Over 70 percent of the population uses mobile devices. Because of this, you should delegate some of your advertising dollars toward mobile.
  1. Start thinking of mobile as your “go-to” media before you think of your website design on a desktop computer. Mobile first, everything else after.
  1. Even if you have a physical store, mobile is still going to be a factor in your displays. Most shoppers today have some form of mobile scanning device to check deals and prices.
  2. Google changed their algorithm to ensure that mobile sites rank higher in search results. Why? They did it because most customers use mobile.



Bonus tip

Brands need to focus more on mobile since more people are using mobile than are using desktops.

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